2 Mega Pixels 3CCD camera Fine Line Width Measurement Systems MT-3600LW

●Introduction of High Accuracy Digital Camera Measurement
Systems for Various Applications to Semiconductor Wafers, LCDs, Glass Masks, Etc.
Digital camera image pixels 1/1.8” 3 CCD digital camera
Effective elements 1624(H)x1232(V)x3RGB Appx. 6 mega pixels
Video output CameraLink
Digital image measurement measurement; line width, circle diameter, area, angle, circle arc, distance
Measurement repeatability 3σ=0.01μm( object 100x, 10 times repeat measure of base scale with AF)
Minimum display 0.001μm
Line width edge detection selectable as inside-inside, outside-outside, inside-outside, bottom-bottom
Calibration setting registration up to 20 kinds of various magnification lenses
Data output save measurement data as CSV file
Computer unit and OS PC/AT compatible, Windows XP or Windows7
External interface RS232C USB2.0 LAN
Auto Focus Unit Image processing for digital camera image signal
Focus accuracy appx. 1/3 focal point depth of object lens
AF detection position AF capable at any points or area in the image field
Z axis control Exclusive 5 phase stepping motor coupler
Z axis resolution 0.005μm
(Auto Focus Unit is optional.)