High Speed AF Fluorescent Observation Depth Measurement

●All-In-One System & Various Microscope Tube Units
Method Image processing for video camera signal
Focus speed 0.3 second (depending on operating condition)
Focus accuracy 1/3 focal point depth (depend on applications)
Applicable object lens ratio applicable to various ratio of object lenses
AF detect position AF available for any point within an image
Detect window mask shape selectable among rectangle, circle or double circle
Input video signals Color, B/W composite signal, VBS/VS 1Vpp, camera link; Base
Input Video Channels Standard 1Ch, Maximum 3 Ch
Output Video Signals Video signals; VBS/VS 1Vpp 1Ch, camera link; Base (through)
Drive motors stepping motor, position servo motor
built-in driver 5 phase stepping motor driver, micro step 1/20 split
output maximum driving frequency External motor driver MAX3MHz(TTL, Difference, OP)
Lighting supports all lighting method
Interface Remote control with external I/O, communication with a host computer via RS-232C
external control counter; Encoder signal input, rectangular wave (A phase and B phase)
Dimension and weight AC type; 173(W) x 177(H) x 70(D)/mm
DC type; 160(W) x 144(H) x 56(D)/mm
Digital Unit; 173(W) x 177(H) x 50(D)/mm
Input voltage AC100V 50/60Hz