Advanced Auto Focus Unit AF/σ2−D

●800k to 11meg pixel Digital Camera with Camera Link I/O
●Amazing, 0.3 seconds Focusing speed!!!
(*Ex. Object Lens 100X/60fps)
●Find and display of Accurate Image Focusing Point

《Example of AF system》
AF/σ2, the best choice for metallic microscopes AF/σ2, the best choice for biological microscopes

AF/σ2, the best choice for FA microscopes
●IC wafer appearance/pattem check
●Shadow mask check
●Liquid crystal pattem measurement/check
●Lead frame check
●DVD void/recoord surface check
●Chromosome or DNA observation
●Virus/ Cryptosporidium inspection
●Cell Culture Time Plus continuous observation
●Neurological cell/ Organ Pathology Praparat observation
●Organ Pathology auto inspection system introduction
●Laser Repair systems
●Glass depth measurement/surface inspection
●Fine height/fine hole level inspection
●PDP Rib measurements
●Fiber connector inspection